James Brejski | Founder & Director

About Us

Our mission is to provide job seekers with countless opportunities and support employers to find the perfect candidate in the event industry.

RecruitEvents is your calling

During my time at university studying Events Management, there were very few job sites that focused particularly to the event industry.  So the idea for RecruitEvents was born; connecting, applying, and finding employment for event professionals with the click of a button is the next step ahead. 

After graduating from university, I wanted to put this vision to life. For many event professionals, whether they are wanting to enter into the sector or find a new career, the process may be time-consuming. With RecruitEvents, this is made simple. Apply for positions, establish an interactive profile, and easily contact with clients and talent.

If you are a client wishing to improve your workforce, look no further; we have got you covered. Find the ideal prospect by connecting with their profile; you will be able to see your candidates for your job posting on your account. View applicant profiles to get a sense of their characteristics and abilities. If you are a talented individual seeking for a new opportunity, RecruitEvents can help. To enhance your interaction, create a personalised profile and send your CV to us. 

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